ATF in the News · February 25, 2016

Associated Press: Tax Group Blasts Pfizer, Urges Stop to Its Tax-Cutting Deal

A consumer group is accusing Pfizer of seeking to avoid $35 billion in U.S. taxes with its plan to buy fellow drugmaker Allergan in a deal structured to nominally move Pfizer’s address to lower-tax Ireland, Allergan’s home. In a report released Thursday, Americans for Tax Fairness says that would also slash future U.S. taxes paid by Pfizer Inc., which will keep its operational headquarters at its New York City base. Pfizer would still have to pay U.S. taxes on income earned in the country, but not overseas.  The group has been urging federal regulation changes to block not just the Pfizer deal, but a surge of other companies in various industries doing deals termed “tax inversions” to slash their U.S. tax bills. That lost revenue ultimately comes out of the pockets of consumers and other taxpayers.

This piece appeared in the Associated Press.