Huff Post Op-ed: Wrong Address: Trump’s Inaugural Misdirects Blame for Workers’ Woes (Away from Him)

Op-ed originally published on The Huffington Post by Frank Clemente, executive director, Americans for Tax Fairness, January 24, 2017 In his inaugural address, Donald Trump correctly reported a crime—the ongoing rip-off of America’s working families—but misidentified the culprits. That’s not surprising, since he’s one of them and plans to accelerate the theft now that he’s […]

Trump’s Treasury Pick Will Further Rig the System

This piece originally appeared on the Huffington Post. Donald Trump ran for president claiming he would end a rigged economic system that works against working people. But Trump’s pick of Steven Mnuchin to run his economic program—including tax policy—shows his real plan is to slant the system even more in favor of billionaires like himself, […]

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Offers Private Gain, Public Pain

Donald Trump promised he would drain the swamp in Washington, but his proposal to repair our crumbling infrastructure will do anything but that. It’s the same kind of special interest giveaway voters revolted against on Election Day. He’s peddling a self-serving approach that is nothing more than a huge tax giveaway to rich developers and […]

Huffington Post Op-ed: Gilead Sciences: Price Gouger, Tax Dodger

Op-ed originally published on The Huffington Post by Frank Clemente, executive director, Americans for Tax Fairness, July 18, 2016 If you think the pharmaceutical industry has stolen all it can from the American people through its price gouging, think again. Even as they’re pricing medications as high as the market can bear and beyond, drug […]

It’s Tax Time, But Corporations Aren’t Paying

This op-ed by ATF Executive Director Frank Clemente also appeared on the Huffington Post.   Tax Day offers a stark reminder of the difference between those of us who pay all our taxes every year and the big corporations that don’t. While families and small businesses scramble to file their returns each April, multinational corporations are […]

Obama Can Stop Pfizer’s Tax Rip-Off

This blog also appeared on the Huffington Post.   You already know big pharmaceutical companies are ripping you off by charging too much for their medicines. But did you know they’re also hurting you by dodging their fair share of taxes? A new report shows how one company pulls off this double whammy—and how there’s […]

Families Advance With Recent Tax Bill, But Corporations Got a Lot More

This blog post also appeared on the Huffington Post. Surprisingly, Congress’s $680 billion holiday-season tax deal will bring some cheer to working families and not just to big corporations this year. Refundable tax credits putting extra cash in the hands of hard-pressed workers and parents were included in a huge year-end gift-wrapped package of tax […]

Bad Medicine: Pfizer’s Offshore Tax Trick Just Latest of Many Scandals

Pfizer doesn’t play pfair. The recent announcement that it would renounce its American identity and become an Irish company — thereby dodging billions of dollars in taxes — is just the latest in a string of shady deals and sleazy behaviors by the pharmaceutical giant. It is obvious Pfizer will go on taking advantage of […]

Carl Icahn’s Latest Investment: Corporate Tax Dodging

This blog post also appeared on the Huffington Post. Sometimes the smartest investment a Wall Street billionaire can make is in our pay-to-play political system. That’s why legendary wheeler-dealer Carl Icahn plans to fund a campaign to promote a huge corporate tax cut — one that could personally enrich him by up to $440 million […]

Raising Revenues Must Be Central Goal of Budget Talks

This blog post also appeared on the Huffington Post. Budgets are made up of spending and revenue. But budget negotiators in Washington are talking only about what spending to cut, not what revenue to raise — even though there are gaping tax loopholes to close. Closing them would eliminate the need to cut critical services […]