April 10, 2013

Corporate Tax Dodger Cards Response

Wow – what a response we’ve gotten over the past 7 days to our Corporate Tax Dodger Trading Cards! And we want to thank everyone who’s helped share and spread these powerful images online.  The response has been tremendous. Since this campaign started, we’ve  seen a huge amount of interest and activity on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. And we’re happy about it- for too long, our tax code has allowed these massive corporations to become All-Stars at tax dodging, and we need to call attention to their actions.

We’ve seen an outpouring of support from groups as diverse as Citizens for Tax Justice and National People’s Action, and from places as far away as Missouri and Montana. Keep sharing! Let’s get the message out.

We’ll keep posting one Corporate Tax Dodger Trading Card each day until Tax Day. Keep checking back here every morning to see them, and check Facebook and Twitter to share the images.