August 14, 2012


By Morgan Currier

In today’s news highlights, some Republicans are thinking twice about committing to the pledge against taxes.


Virginia Republicans Reconsider Norquist Pledge

WAMU, Matt Bush, 8/13/2012

….Only 13 Republicans in Congress have refused to sign his pledge to not raise taxes….

Virginia Rep. Scott Rigell (R) signed the pledge in 2010, but now he’s distancing himself from it.

“My careful review of the facts has led me to this position which is, that the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge is not best if our objective is meaningful tax reform and to reconcile the difference between revenues and expenses,” he says.

Rigell isn’t alone. Virginia Republicans Frank Wolf and Rob Wittman have never signed the pledge. Wittman says he has no plans to.

“The only two pledges that I’ve taken is to uphold the Constitution and to my wife of 32 years, and those are all the ones I intend to take,” he says.

Virginia Rep. Randy Forbes (R) has signed the pledge, but says he’ll never say never.

“When I signed that piece of paper, it was for that term,” says Forbes. “That’s the way I view anytime you sign a document like that. I’m not saying that I would never raise taxes.”


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