September 11, 2012


By Jessica Chau

In today’s headlines, we bring you a letter from a mother concerned about possible cuts to education funding, an article about likely inaction from Congress as the “fiscal cliff” looms, and a video interview of two progressive groups in New York on town hall forums they plan on holding in the state to talk about economic fairness issues.

Letter: Leaders need to lift middle-class burden

News & Record [Greensboro, NC], 9/6/2012

As a mother, education is very important to me. Compared to other countries, we are behind in performance and test scores. In addition, programs are being cut in schools because we do not have the money. If millionaires and billionaires paid their fair share of taxes, it would generate $850 billion in a decade. Let’s invest more in our children. If kids do not have every available opportunity, what is the point?

Fiscal cliff: Congress weighs another round of kick the can

Politico, Manu Raju and Seung Min Kim, 9/9/2012

For all the hype surrounding the dreaded fiscal cliff on taxes and spending, an increasing number of lawmakers are starting to push for Congress to do what it does best when faced with a difficult decision: punt.

If Mitt Romney wins the presidency, Republicans in Congress will block any action until he’s sworn into office. If Republicans win the Senate, they’ll stall any effort to solve the massive tax increase and spending cuts until they hold the gavels. And if it’s a status quo election — President Barack Obama wins and Congress remains divided — negotiations may begin in earnest right after Nov. 6, but it will be hard to make a landmark deal before Dec. 31 given the resistance from House Republicans to any tax increases and Democratic unwillingness to overhaul entitlements.

Strong Economy’s Kink and Citizen Action’s Albanetti Talk House Races [Video]

Capital Tonight, 9/7/2012

The national party conventions are sort of an unofficial starting point for the general election, where campaigning really starts to ramp up. And with New York poised to play a big role in the battle for the control of the House, progressive groups are planning on holding town hall forums around the state to talk about economic fairness issues that will impact congressional races here in New York. Mike Kink of a Strong Economy For All and Charlie Albanetti of Citizen Action explains. [Click link above to view video]


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