September 5, 2012


By Jessica Chau

We hear from a teacher today on the effects of possible budget cuts on her students, a call to Senators Collins and Snowe to help end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, and a piece on Mayor Cory Booker’s fiery speech last night at the Democratic National Convention. 

Guest Commentary: Budget cuts would be devastating

Denver Post, Michele Conroy, 9/05/2012

My second-grade students at Sandrock Elementary School in Craig are back in school. We are ready for the challenge of reading, writing, science experiments and multiple digit subtraction to prepare for a world that will need a new generation of engineers, nurses and graphic designers.

But this year, we might have a problem that has nothing to do with the trickiness of the “i after e except after c” rule: If Congress doesn’t figure out how to work out its budget problem, Colorado could lose almost $30 million in federal education funding. 

Letter: Tell Collins and Snowe to do right thing on tax cuts

Morning Sentinel, 9/4/2012

What would a billionaire do with another tax cut? Found a company? Hire the unemployed? Not likely — not in this economy.

Based on my 25 years of business experience, in which, I’ve had frequent occasion to deal with many wealthy business owners, there’s only one force on earth that leads to productive investment and widespread hiring; consumer demand whether it be products or services.

How do we generate that demand? One way is to cut taxes on the middle class — the true engine of our economy — the real “job creators.”

Another is to make smart, targeted public investments in goods and services like repaired roads, refurbished bridges, better education and improved health care; paying for them with slightly higher taxes on the most fortunate among us.

Cory Booker: Raising taxes on the rich is about ‘patriotism,’ not ‘class warfare’

Yahoo! News, Holly Bailey, 9/4/2012

Mayor Cory Booker delivered a passionate defense of Democratic efforts to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, insisting it’s about love of country.

“Being asked to pay your fair share isn’t class warfare. It’s patriotism,” Booker said, disputing an attack line often mentioned by Mitt Romney and his GOP allies.

Everyone, Booker argued, must pay their “fair share” at a time when the country is facing the enormous burden of paying down debts incurred by two wars.


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