October 7, 2013

Eight Ways We Are Paying the Price for the GOP Shutdown

By Frank Clemente, Campaign Manager, Americans for Tax Fairness

House Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans are fine with shutting down the government and tossing our country into mayhem.

What they’re not fine with is asking corporations or the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes.

Even in the midst of the heated debate around the shutdown, they have already tried to bring the dangerous tax reform ideas of Rep. Paul Ryan back into the mix in a demand letter, alongside a slew of other crazy fringe ideas that Americans don’t support.

That demand letter got them nowhere, of course. But they’re still trying to figure out how to extort something out of this unnecessary shutdown that they have forced us into. They’re now floating the idea of a larger deal that will likely include an attempt to drastically cut the tax rate for the rich and big corporations.

In the meantime, as the shutdown continues into Day 7, Americans are paying a heavy price for Republicans’ their political games. Here are some of the worst ways that is happening:

If all of this angers you as much as it angers me, let Speaker Boehner know that you want him to end it now.