October 11, 2013

Guess Who’s Working through the Shutdown?

By Jay Davis, Digital Director, Americans for Tax Fairness


While government workers are off the job, corporate lobbyists haven’t lost a step. The sidewalks of K Street, where many of the big corporate lobbying firms have their headquarters, look just as busy and suit-filled as ever.

According to Politico, some of them even claim they’re “busy as ever,” and that “Clients all want to know what’s going on. They’re pestering everyone minute to minute, asking what’s the latest.”  One Congressman is trying to get them banned from hanging around the Capitol until business as usual resumes.

And some of the lobbyists are even accusing government agencies of closing down their websites as a protest of the shutdown – never mind that many of these agencies’ IT and digital staff are furloughed.

With tax reform being floated as part of a possible deal to end the shutdown, you can bet that tax lobbyists are doing everything they can to wield some influence.

Even through the shutdown, they and the big corporations that hire them are going to keep working to write the rules in their favor, as soon as they can make it happen.

If you haven’t pledged to support tax fairness and require big corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes, do it now.

There are a lot of lobbyists working nonstop. It’s going to take a lot of us, too.