December 7, 2012

Jewish Groups Weighing In on Tax Fairness

by Tatenda Musapatike

Jewish groups have begun to speak out on the issue of tax fairness and support ending the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%. The various Jewish organizations and rabbis who have signed on to the cause believe that ending the Bush tax cuts is the only way develop of a fair budget and preserve safety net programs – since the great recession one in four jewish families lives or is close to living in poverty.  For these organizations and leaders, tax fairness isn’t just an economic issue, but a moral imperative.

“This country is in a different place financially,” [Alan van Capelle, CEO of Bend the Arc ]said. “Traditionally Jews don’t sit on the sidelines when our country faces difficult challenges. We didn’t on the issues of abolition, suffrage or the struggle for civil rights. We shouldn’t now when the services to those most vulnerable in our population are now at risk.”

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