February 5, 2013

President Obama Asks Congress to Delay the Sequester

Today, President Obama called on Congress to delay the mandatory spending cuts that make up the sequester in favor of a more balanced approach that would raise  revenue and include targeted spending cuts:

[The President] argued that “leaders in both parties have already identified the need to get rid of these loopholes and deductions,” and said revenue gained by closing them should be used to pay down the deficit and make targeted investments to grow the economy.

“I think this balanced mix of spending cuts and tax reform is the best way to finish the job of deficit reduction,” Obama said. “The overwhelming majority of the American people, Democrats and Republicans as well as independents, have the same view.”

We need everyone to pay their fair share, and the President’s approach makes would help make our deficit reduction process fairer for middle-class and working Americans.

Watch the President’s remarks here.