January 28, 2013


Bad news- Paul Ryan and other conservatives say that they are willing to let the cuts from the sequester take effect:

“I think the sequester is going to happen,” Ryan said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“We think these sequesters will happen because the Democrats have opposed our efforts to replace those cuts with others–and they’ve offered no alternatives,” Ryan said.

Ryan’s comments reinforced House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) insistence that the sequester would be the biggest point of leverage for Republicans to extract the cuts that they want. And at least rhetorically speaking, other House GOP members have stepped into line. “I’m pretty sure it is going to happen now, and I would really like to see us fix the [continuing resolution] problem,” House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) told Politico last week. “I guess the feeling is until everybody feels enough pain, we’re not going to do the things that we really need to do. And that scares me.”

We have to insist that Congress raises more revenue from those who can pay more instead of crippling our communities with these drastic cuts.