October 18, 2012

Small Business Owners Want Tax Fairness

Small Businesses Aren’t Impacted by Expiration of High Income Bush Tax Cuts

Mike Brey, owner of Hobby Works in Fairfax, Va., wants to set the record straight on the Bush tax cuts—cuts on those with income above $250,000. Despite some saying that allowing the cuts to expire will hurt small businesses, the vast majority of small business owners like him simply won’t be affected. Allowing the tax rates to go back to where they were will help bolster the economy and with it, Mike’s customer base—the middle class.


Ending Bush Tax Cuts for High Income Earners Will Bolster the Middle Class

Mike Roach, owner of Paloma Clothing in Portland, Ore., explains why he thinks ending the Bush tax cuts for high end earners – people who make more than $250,000 a year – will not affect the majority of small business owners.