February 18, 2017

4 Reasons Donald Trump Should Release His Tax Returns

Below are four reasons President Trump should release his Tax Returns

To find out if Trump has paid any federal income taxes.

Many rich people—especially real estate investors like Trump—use tax loopholes to slash their tax bills. We know Trump has paid zero federal income taxes in at least two and in as many as five years since 1979. Separately, he reported a $1 billion loss in the mid-1990s that could have zeroed out his federal taxes for 18 years.

To learn if Trump is indebted to foreign interests.

Trump’s tax returns could reveal investments in Russia or other foreign nations that might conflict with his duties as president. Trump’s son once bragged “we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” We need to know that Trump is working for us—not for Russian President Putin.

So we know how much Trump’s tax plan will slash his own taxes.

Trump’s plan would cut the taxes of people like him—the richest 0.1%—by $1.1 million a year. It repeals the estate tax, which could save his family billions. Trump’s 500-plus businesses would have their tax rate chopped by 60%.

Because the American people want to know.

In poll after poll, the vast majority of Americans—including most Republicans—say they want Trump to release his tax returns. A Washington Post-ABC News poll found 74% want Trump to release his tax returns, including 53% of Republicans.