November 5, 2013

Dear Senator:



As the U.S. Senate debates spending priorities and the budget sequester this fall, the 538 organizations listed below believe raising revenue by closing unjustified tax loopholes used by the wealthy and corporations should be at the top of every lawmaker’s list.


President Obama and Congress have already cut $1.8 trillion in spending (including interest) and raised just $600 billion in new tax revenues. That’s $3 in cuts for every $1 in new revenue, an outcome that is neither balanced nor fair. Meanwhile, corporations have not contributed a dime to reduce the deficit and no corporate tax loopholes have been closed.


We write to express our strong support for the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act (S. 1533) – introduced by Senators Carl Levin (D-MI), Mark Begich (D-AK), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) – ask that you become a co-sponsor of this important legislation. It would raise $220 billion over ten years by closing numerous tax loopholes that encourage U.S. corporations to move jobs, profits and operations offshore and avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Congress is facing tough choices about our government’s budget, but these loopholes should be considered easy targets.


Passage of this legislation is critical for several reasons:

  • Corporations should pay their fair share of taxes. Large American corporations – such as American Express, Apple, Dell, Eli Lilly, Microsoft, Nike – hold their profits in offshore tax havens because they are taxed very little or not at all. The cost to taxpayers of offshore taxavoidance by corporations is estimated to be nearly $100 billion a year, according to academic experts. All told, U.S. companies have almost $2 trillion in profits offshore, much of it in tax havens where they conduct no real business, but have set up a shell company that is often nothing more than a P.O. Box. In fact, 18,857 corporate entities are registered at one modest five-story building in the Cayman Islands.
  • By closing some of the most egregious offshore tax loopholes, S. 1533 would save taxpayers $220 billion – enough to replace the next round of budget sequester cuts, invest in America and improve our nation’s finances. The Congressional Budget Office estimates we will lose another 800,000 jobs in 2014 due to the $110 billion in new cuts to benefits and services under the sequester. Our economy – and our families – cannot afford that.
  • America should stop giving corporations tax subsidies to export jobs. Multinational corporations are currently allowed to indefinitely “defer” paying U.S. taxes on their foreign profits, and this tax loophole acts as a powerful incentive to shift profits and jobs overseas. The Levin bill does not go so far as to repeal the tax deferral loophole, as would a bill introduced by Sen. Sanders (S. 250) that would raise $583 billion over the next decade. However, enactment of S. 1533 would be an important step in limiting incentives for multinational corporations to shift jobs and profits offshore.
  • We need to level the playing field between big corporations and small businesses. Tax-haven abuse by large multinational corporations puts small businesses – and even large domestic firms – at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace. Along with individual taxpayers, they must shoulder the additional tax bill or face a reduction in public services that they depend on. The average small business would pay an extra $3,000 a year to cover the cost of offshore tax dodging by large corporations, according to a U.S. PIRG report. Middle class workers and small businesses that play by the rules and take responsibility for paying their fair share should not have to subsidize companies like Apple and Nike.


Fortunately, the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act would close many of the tax avoidance loopholes commonly used by some of America’s largest and most profitable companies. For example:

  • Apple made profits of $74 billion from 2009-2012 on worldwide sales (excluding the Americas) and paid virtually nothing in taxes to any country, according to the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI). The sales were attributed to Irish subsidiaries, where the companies paid a tax rate of less than 1%.
  • Microsoft avoided paying at least $6.5 billion in U.S. taxes from 2009 to 2011 using offshore tax loopholes, according to the U.S. Senate PSI.
  • Hewlett-Packard essentially funded its operations for four years, tax-free, by using two offshore subsidiaries—in Belgium and the Cayman Islands—that made alternating shortterm loans of billions of dollars to the parent company, according to the U.S. Senate PSI.
  • Nike has $6.7 billion in profits “permanently reinvested” in shell companies overseas, on which it has paid zero U.S. income taxes and paid practically no foreign tax as well, according to the nonpartisan research organization Citizens for Tax Justice.


Cracking down on offshore tax abuses should be at the top of the congressional “to do” list. Closing these loopholes can provide a means to replace the sequester, reform the tax code, reduce the deficit and rebuild roads and bridges. Please stand with us by co-sponsoring the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act to ensure that corporations begin to pay their fair share of taxes.




Academics Stand Against Poverty

AFL-CIO AFL-CIO Department of Professional Employees

Action for the Common Good

Alliance for a Just Society

Alliance for Retired Americans

American Federation of Government Employees

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

American Federation of Teachers

American Friends Service Committee

American Sustainable Business Council

Americans for Democratic Action

Americans for Tax Fairness

Business for Shared Prosperity

Campaign for America’s Future

Campaign for Community Change

Center for American Progress

Center for Biological Diversity

Center for Effective Government

Center for Popular Democracy

Citizens for Tax Justice

Children’s Defense Fund

Coalition on Human Needs

Color of Change

Communications Workers of America

Community Action Partnership

Croatan Institute

Daily Kos

Democracy for America


Domini Social Investments

Economic Policy Institute

EG Justice

Every Child Matters Education Fund

Fair Share

Faith in Public Life

Financial Accountability & Corporate Transparency (FACT) Coalition

Food and Water Watch

Franciscan Action Network

Friends of the Earth


Global Financial Integrity

Government Accountability Project

Health Care for America Now

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

In the Public Interest

Jobs with Justice

Jubilee USA Network

Lake Research Partners

Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Librarian’s Guild

Main Street Alliance

Missionary Oblates

MomsRising Civic Action

National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd

National Alliance of HUD Tenants

National Association of Social Workers

National Coalition for the Homeless

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

National Council of Jewish Women

National Council of Women’s Organizations

National Education Association

National Immigration Law Center

National Low Income Housing Coalition

National People’s Action

National Priorities Project

National Treasury Employees Union

National Women’s Law Center

NETWORK: A Catholic Social Justice Lobby

New Rules for Global Finance

Oblates of Mary Immaculate

Oxfam America

P.H. Balanced Films

Partnership for Working Families

People For the American Way

Progressive Asset Management

Progressive Democrats of America

Progressive States Network

Progressives United Promise the Children

Public Citizen Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Coalition

Rebuild the Dream

Responsible Wealth


Service Employees International

Union Spring Water Asset Management

Sum of Us

Tax Justice Network

The Arc

The Every Child Matters Education Fund

United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, International Union

United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America

United for a Fair Economy

United Steelworkers

U.S. Public Interest Research Group


Voices for Progress

Wealth for the Common Good

Working America



Arizona    AFSCME Local 2960

Arizona    Arizona Advocacy Network

Arizona    Arizona AFL-CIO

Arizona    Arizona Fair Share

Arizona    Arizona PIRG

Arizona    Protecting Arizona’s Family Coalition (PAFCO)

Arizona    SEIU Arizona

Arkansas    AFSCME Council 38

Arkansas    Arkansas Community Institute

Arkansas    Arkansas Community Organizations

Arkansas    Arkansas Education Association

Arkansas    Arkansas Interfaith Alliance

Arkansas    Arkansas Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice

Arkansas    Arkansas Women’s Action for New Directions

Arkansas    Barraque Street Missionary Baptist Church, Pine Bluff

Arkansas    First Presbyterian Church, Little Rock

Arkansas    Motley Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Pine Bluff

Arkansas    OMNI Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology

Arkansas    Rose Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Pine Bluff

Arkansas    United Labor Unions, Local 100

Arkansas    Word of Faith Full Gospel Church, Pine Bluff

Arkansas    Workers United

California    ADA-SoCal

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California    AFSCME Council 57

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California    AFSCME Local 2076

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California    Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE)

California    United Nurses Association of California

Colorado    9to5 Colorado

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Colorado    Colorado Education Association

Colorado    Colorado Fair Share

Colorado    Colorado Fiscal Institute

Colorado    Colorado PIRG

Colorado    Colorado Progressive Action

Colorado    Colorado Progressive Coalition

Colorado    Servicios de la Raza

Colorado    United Transportation Union

Colorado    Vote Vets

Connecticut    AFT Connecticut

Connecticut    Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans

Connecticut    Connecticut Association of Nonprofits

Connecticut    Connecticut Citizen Action Group

Connecticut    Connecticut Common Cause

Connecticut    Connecticut Education Association

Connecticut    Connecticut PIRG

Connecticut    Connecticut Working Families Party

Connecticut    Legal Assistance Resource Center of Connecticut

Connecticut    National Association of Social Workers, CT Chapter

Delaware    32BJ SEIU

Delaware    Americans for Democratic Action, Delaware Chapter

Delaware    Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Delaware Chapter Delaware

Delaware     AFL-CIO Delaware

Delaware    Alliance for Community Advancement

Delaware    Delaware Ecumenical Council on Children and Families

Delaware    Delaware State Education Association

Delaware    Latin American Community Center

Delaware    National Association of Social Workers; Delaware Chapter

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Delaware    Pacem in Terris

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Florida    Florida Chain

Florida    Florida Consumer Action Network

Florida    Florida PIRG

Florida    Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, Central FL

Florida    NAACP, St. Petersburg Chapter

Florida    Organize Now

Florida    Progress Florida

Florida    SEIU Florida

Florida    South Florida Voices for Working Families Florida United Chinese Association of Florida

Georgia    9 to 5 Atlanta

Georgia    Atlanta North Georgia Labor Council

Georgia    Coffee Party Savannah Georgia

Georgia    Fair Share

Georgia    Georgia Public Interest Research Group

Georgia    Georgia Rural/Urban Summit

Georgia    Georgia Student Justice Alliance

Georgia    Georgia Women’s Action for New Directions

Georgia    MoveOn Atlanta

Georgia    MoveOn Gwinnett

Georgia    National Council of Jewish Women, Atlanta Section

Hawaii    Hawaii State Teachers Association

Idaho    Idaho Community Action Network

Idaho    United Action for Idaho

Illinois    AFSCME Local 3282

Illinois    AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Illinois    Americans for Democratic Action, Northeastern Illinois

Illinois    Autism Society of Illinois

Illinois    Citizen Action of Illinois

Illinois    Eco-Justice Collaborative

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Indiana    American Bikers Aimed Towards Education

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Indiana    Indiana Organizing Project Gamaliel

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Indiana    Just Peace Seminars Goshen

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Indiana    Michiana Coalition for Peace and Justice

Indiana    Move On. Org Michiana Chapter

Indiana    North Central Indiana AFL-CIO

Indiana    Northern Indiana Americans for Democratic Action

Indiana    SEIU Health Care Illinois

Indiana    Indiana St. John’s Catholic Church Goshen Core Group

Indiana    St. Joseph Valley Project Jobs with Justice

Indiana    TAP Transitioning Action through Power South Bend

Indiana    West Side Democratic Club South Bend

Iowa    Americans for Democratic Action Iowa

Iowa    ECO Maids

Iowa    Iowa AFL-CIO

Iowa    Iowa AFSCME Council 61

Iowa    Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans

Iowa    Iowa Citizen Action Network

Iowa    Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

Iowa    Iowa Fairshare Alliance

Iowa    Iowa Main Street Alliance

Iowa    Iowa Move to Amend

Iowa    Iowa Policy Project

Iowa    Iowa Public Interest Research Group

Iowa    Progressive Action for the Common Good

Iowa    WILPF Des Moines Chapter

Kansas    Kansas AFL-CIO

Kansas    Sunflower Community Action

Maine    Community Financial Literacy- Maine

Maine    Maine AFL-CIO

Maine    Maine Center for Economic Policy

Maine    Maine Education Association

Maine    Maine Equal Justice Partners

Maine    Maine People’s Alliance

Maine    Maine Small Business Coalition

Maine    Maine State Employees Association (SEIU Local 1989)

Maine    Maine Women’s Lobby

Maine    Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine

Maine    Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland

Maine    Southern Maine Workers’ Center

Maine    The Neighborhood Housing League

Maine    The Visible Community

Maryland    Maryland AFSCME Council 3

Maryland    Maryland PIRG

Maryland    Maryland/DC Alliance for Retired Americans

Maryland    Progressive Maryland

Massachusetts    American Friends Service Committee, Northeast Regional Office

Massachusetts    Budget For All Campaign, Massachusetts

Massachusetts    Coalition for Social Justice

Massachusetts    Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti

Massachusetts    Jubilee Justice Task Force of the United Church of Christ, MA

Massachusetts    Jubilee Massachusetts

Massachusetts    Massachusetts AFL-CIO

Massachusetts    Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants

Massachusetts    Massachusetts Fair Share

Massachusetts    Massachusetts Peace Action

Massachusetts    MASSPIRG

Massachusetts    New England AFSCME Council 93

Massachusetts    Survivors, Inc.

Michigan    AFT Michigan

Michigan    Citizens for Peace

Michigan    Detroit Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women

Michigan    General Council of the Adrian Dominican Sisters

Michigan    Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit

Michigan    Metro Detroit A. P. R. I.

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West Virginia    WV Education Association

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