Topline Corporate Data

Despite the seeming flurry of corporate announcements since the Trump-GOP tax law was passed, the great majority of corporations and businesses have not said publicly how they plan to use their tax-cut windfall.

As the data below shows, very few corporations are sharing their tax cuts with workers through one-time bonuses or wage hikes. Even among corporations that have directed some fraction of their tax cuts to workers, the spending pales in comparison to the size of the tax cuts, or the amount being spent on stock buybacks that mostly benefits wealthy shareholders and top executives.

Sources: More detailed information and sources for the data below data is at these spreadsheets: Stock BuybacksJob CutsAnnual Corporate Tax CutsEmployee Bonuses’ and Wage Increases. All data estimates are based on corporate activities since the tax law was passed on December 20, 2017 and are based on information provided by corporations, the media, independent analysts, think tanks or ATF researchers. See the Methodology explanation for more details.

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