Letter to IRS Concerning Trump Foundation

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The Trump-GOP tax cuts, formally known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed Congress Dec. 20, 2017, and was signed into law by President Trump on Dec. 22. At the six-month point, Americans for Tax Fairness analyzes below the effects of the law based on six criteria, which rely on numerous authoritative sources. (A link to […]


Dear Member of Congress: We urge you to reject any so-called “Round 2” of tax cuts from President Trump and Republicans in Congress like those enacted last year, which once again would primarily benefit wealthy Americans and could end up costing close to $800 billion over the next decade and much more over the long-term. […]

Bank Heist: Wall Street Banks Get Huge Trump-GOP Tax Cuts, Enriching Shareholders But Sharing Little With Workers

On top of Bailouts, Big Banks Rewarded with Huge Tax Windfall Washington, D.C. – America’s big Wall Street banks and financial firms, profiting handsomely from the new Trump-GOP tax law, are using the bulk of their huge tax-cut savings to further enrich their already wealthy shareholders and executives while sharing little or nothing with their […]

Harley-Davidson is a Case Study in How the Trump-GOP Tax Law is Failing American Workers — But It’s not Alone

After big tax-rate cut, Harley shut a Kansas City plant—costing 800 local jobs—rewarded shareholders with $700 million in stock buybacks and opened a new facility in Thailand. But the motorcycle maker’s corporate-tax-cut story is not unique. Washington, D.C. – Iconic motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson’s response to the new Republican tax law—cutting jobs, rewarding shareholders, and moving […]

Questions About How Merck & Gilead Sciences are Spending Their Tax Savings Ahead of Earnings Calls Tomorrow

Tax Savings Are Enriching Wealthy Shareholders, Not Raising Wages or Lowering Prices Washington, D.C. – Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 1, Merck and Gilead Sciences will hold quarterly earnings calls, and this presents an opportunity to ask, “how much of your tax savings are being shared with your workers or reducing the costs of prescription drugs for patients?” […]

Bad Medicine: How GOP Tax Cuts Are Enriching Drug Companies, Leaving Workers & Patients Behind

View the Full Report in PDF here. INTRODUCTION & KEY FINDINGS America’s 10 biggest prescription-drug corporations—the Pharma Big 10—are among the biggest winners from the Trump-GOP tax cuts but they are sharing few of the benefits with their employees and are offering no pricing relief to their customers. Instead, they are mostly rewarding their CEOs […]

Will Verizon Answer for Shortchanging Workers When It Comes to Sharing Its Tax Cut Windfall?

Washington, D.C.–On Tuesday, April 24, Verizon held its quarterly earnings report. Will the telecom giant answer as to why more of its estimated $2.4 billion 2018 tax cut is not being shared with employees or creating jobs? According to a new website launched by American’s for Tax Fairness, which tracks what corporations are doing with […]

Americans’ Health Care and Public Services at Risk From Trump Tax & Budget Cuts, New Report Warns

Trump/GOP Tax Breaks for Wealthy, Rx and Insurance Companies, and Trump Budget Show Grim Future of Drastic Health Care and Other Service Cuts for Working Families Washington, D.C. – This week in communities across the country advocates are holding events to educate the public about the harmful effects of the new tax law. Advocates at […]

ATF Launches Comprehensive Website ‘Trump Tax Cut Truths’

Searchable Database Includes More than 830 Corporations and Covers Size of Tax Cuts, Stock Buybacks, Workers’ Bonuses and Wage Hikes, Job Cuts and More Washington, D.C. – Americans for Tax Fairness today launched a comprehensive website, “Trump Tax Cut Truths,” detailing what American corporations are doing with their Trump tax cuts. The website includes searchable […]