Corporate Taxes

7 Reasons why Trump’s Tax Cuts Make No Sense

Corporate Tax Dodging Outlined in New Report Hurts Jobs and Working Families

Tax loopholes let big U.S. corporations dodge more than a half-trillion dollars in U.S. taxes in recent years. Yes, this shows the system is rigged. But it’s also a huge missed opportunity—to invest in good-paying jobs and the American people. The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) has just issued the latest in its […]

Tax-Dodging Corporations: Pay What You Owe!

U.S. corporations have $2.1 TRILLION in profits stashed offshore – much of it in tax havens. As long as those profits are offshore, a tax loophole lets corporations dodge paying taxes on them. It’s time for big corporations to pay the $600 BILLION in taxes they owe America. Imagine what we can do with $600 […]