There is little recent polling on the estate tax. This fact sheet summarizes the few recent poll questions that have been asked and then reviews the bigger body of opinion research on taxing the rich in general or specific proposals, such as enacting a wealth tax of 2% on those whose wealth exceeds $50 million […]

Public Perceptions of the Current Tax Law and Taxing the Wealthy

Polling memo from Lake Research, July 3, 2019

2019 Tax Message Survey, April 2019

Polling Memo from ALG research, April 2, 2019 Poll Toplines, March 15-20, 2019  Tax The Rich Poll PowerPoint, March 28, 2019

ATF 2018 Poll – Main Documents

2018 Tax Message Survey Memo, 3/20/2018 2018 Talking Points from Message Survey, 3/20/2018 2018 Tax Message Survey PPT Deck, 3/20/2018 2018 Toplines from Hart Research, 3/20/2018

Compilation of Polling on Tax Fairness Issues, 2012-2017

Americans for Tax Fairness has conducted an extensive online search of public polls conducted in recent years posing questions on tax issues. We found that media outlets do very limited polling on tax issues – typically a question or two when an issue is being publicly debated in Congress. The most relevant questions we could […]

ATF 2017 Poll – Main Documents

ATF 2017 Poll – Memo from Hart Research ATF 2017 Poll Slideshow, 7/25/17 ATF 2017 Poll Toplines

2018 Election Results: Tax Fairness is a Winning Message

Republicans lost the tax messaging war in 2018 because progressives clearly defined the problems with the Trump-GOP tax cuts and were unified on the message. “Republicans lost the messaging battle on the [tax] issue,” according to a Sept. 2018 poll for the Republican National Committee. By 61% to 30% voters said the Trump-GOP tax cuts […]

The Evolution of Public Opinion on Taxes – Navigator, October 2018

This report reviews public opinion on tax policy and the nation’s tax system in the years leading up to the passage of the TCJA, including underlying attitudes about who benefits from the tax system and the relationship of taxation to perceptions of deficits, government spending, and the overall economy. This report also looks at how […]

Post-Election Polling Shows the Public Opposes Tax Cuts for Corporations and the Wealthy

MEMORANDUM FR:       Frank Clemente, Executive Director Americans for Tax Fairness RE:       Post-Election Polling Shows the Public Opposes Tax Cuts for Corporations and the Wealthy DT:       February 7, 2017 Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans are misguided in their efforts to claim a mandate to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations.  […]