The Walmart Tax Subsidy

As Walmart prepares to implement its previously announced plan to hike wages to a minimum of $9 an hour in April, Americans for Tax Fairness has published a new report detailing how employee wage hikes to $9 in 2015 and to $10 in 2016 will still require large taxpayer subsidies to compensate for Walmart’s low […]

Burger King’s Inversion: A Whopper of a Tax Dodge

This new Americans for Tax Fairness report shows that Burger King and its leading shareholders will dodge an estimated $400 million to $1.2 billion in taxes between 2015 and 2018 from its planned merger with Tim Hortons, a Canadian company. This contradicts the assertion by CEO Daniel Schwartz that Burger King’s plan to become a Canadian […]

New Report Reveals That Walmart Avoids Billions In U.S. Taxes, And Is Working To Change The Law So It Can Dodge Billions More

WASHINGTON – A new report released Thursday by Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) reveals that Walmart uses tax breaks to dodge a whopping $1 billion annually, on average, in federal taxes. It also shows how Walmart is working behind the scenes to help lower the U.S. corporate tax rate to 25%, which would allow Walmart to cut its tax bill on average another […]

How Walmart is Dodging Billions in Taxes: And Scheming to Avoid Billions More

This new Americans for Tax Fairness report exposes how Walmart uses tax breaks to dodge a whopping $1 billion in federal taxes each year, on average. It also shows how Walmart is working behind the scenes to help lower the U.S. corporate tax rate to 25%, which would allow Walmart to cut its tax bill […]

Walmart’s Executive Bonuses Cost Taxpayers Millions

Walmart, the largest private U.S. employer with 1.4 million employees, 1 has been widely criticized for shifting the costs of its low-wage model onto taxpayers. Hourly employees receive low-level if not poverty wages and inadequate benefits and many of them are forced to work part-time, leaving thousands with little choice but to rely on public […]

New Report Analyzes Walgreens’ Possible Move of its Corporate Address Offshore to Avoid Paying $4 Billion in U.S. Taxes over Five-Year Period

WASHINGTON – A new report released today by Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) and Change to Win Retail Initiatives estimates that Walgreens could cost taxpayers $4 billion in lost revenue over five years should the company decide to renounce its American corporate legal status and move its official address to Switzerland, a tax haven. The company […]

New Report Reveals Walmart Cut Its Taxes by $104 Million by Giving Executives Lavish “Performance-Based” Bonuses

WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) and the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) today released a report revealing that Walmart received $104 million in taxpayer subsidies over a six-year period due to tax deductions for “performance-based” executive compensation. During that time, eight top executives pocketed more than $298 million in “performance pay” that was fully tax deductible.

A Good Starting Point: 23 Options from Rep. Dave Camp for Closing Tax Loopholes

The tax reform plan developed by Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) doesn’t just talk in abstract terms about closing loopholes. The Tax Reform Act of 2014 identifies specific loopholes in the tax code that should be closed—and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) has estimated how much revenue closing those loopholes would raise. The Camp plan […]

General Electric’s Special Tax Loophole Lets Company Dodge Billions In Taxes

General Electric is a multinational giant that made $27.5 billion in profits from 2008-2012 but got a total of $3.1 billion in federal tax refunds and paid an effective tax rate of negative 11.1 percent, according to Citizens for Tax Justice. It has dodged these federal income taxes, in part through an obscure tax loophole […]

New Report Reveals Massive Scope of Lobbying on Tax Extenders and the “GE Loophole”

WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Fairness and Public Campaign today released a joint report about an aggressive corporate lobbying campaign on “tax extenders” — a package of 55 tax breaks that the Senate Finance Committee is slated to mark up on April 2. The package could cost $46 billion in 2014 and up to $700 billion […]