Biden's Build Back Better Agenda

February 7, 2022  |  


With gas and grocery prices rising, a pandemic that never seems to end and more frequent climate disasters, working families need a break—and not just from current emergencies, but long-standing stresses. That’s just what Build Back Better (BBB)  will give them.
Build Back Better will lower the cost of big household expenses like healthcare, prescription drugs, childcare and education and pay for those services with fairer taxes on the rich and corporations, who too often get away with paying nothing. Build Back Better will bring families who are stretched thin between work and home some relief, while also tackling the climate crisis that threatens our communities with killer fires, floods and droughts. 

The economy’s been rigged against working people for a long time, and an unfair tax system is a big part of the problem. Build Back Better will start to unrig the system by making the rich and corporations begin to start paying their fair share of taxes. No one making less than $400,000 a year will pay more in taxes.
Right now, billionaires are paying little if any taxes on their enormous wealth gains. Huge profitable corporations are getting tax breaks for shipping jobs offshore. The wealth of millionaires is taxed more lightly than many workers’ wages. In short, the tax code is full of loopholes that help the wealthy and corporations get richer while working people pick up the tab. 

Build Back Better begins to reverse 40 years of bad economic policy that’s favored the rich and corporations over working people.
Since the early 1980s, America’s working families have been fed a lie: cut taxes on the rich and corporations and the benefits will come trickling down to everyone else. What really happened, of course, is that the rich got richer and everyone else got stuck with the bill. Build Back Better reverses course by helping working families get ahead and making investments in communities, funded with fairer taxes on the wealthy and corporations.  

Build Back Better is a big first step in the right direction.
There’s a lot we need to do to build an economy that works for everyone. That’s why early BBB plans contained so many important supports for working families: affordable healthcare, childcare, paid family leave, housing and education; a monthly Child Tax Credit payment to help families afford necessities; investments to create a clean energy economy and combat the climate crisis; and more. But even a final plan funding fewer services will still offer important progress towards a fairer economy. 

We can’t afford to lose this chance to Build Back Better.
Major progress almost always comes in steps and stages, not all at once. And opportunities to make real change in our government’s priorities don’t often occur—you have to seize them when they do. So, it’s vital that we support Build Back Better in whatever form it finally emerges from Congress. Vocal backing of BBB by activists and organizations will improve awareness of how it helps working families and pave the way for more reforms in the future.