Biden's Agenda

November 5, 2020  |  


Biden’s stump speech videoSaturday, Oct. 24, 2020 in Bristol, PA. Biden starts speaking at 14:50.

21:45 “They see folks at the top doing much better while the rest are wondering, who’s looking out for me? That’s Donald Trump’s presidency.”

22:48 “This president cares more about the stock market than he does you.”

24:23 “He handed out $1.5 trillion in tax giveaways to the wealthiest families in the nation and to the corporations. And now, even with 30 million Americans who have lost their jobs or hours, he thinks the way to get the American economy back on track is he’s proposing another multi-billion dollar tax cut for those corporations and the super wealthy. Since the start of the pandemic, hard to believe this is according to Forbes, billionaires in this country have seen their wealth increase $700 billion. Billionaires. That’s not coming from liberal think groups, that’s coming from Forbes. $700 billion. But Donald Trump can’t get his party to deliver real economic relief for working families — I don’t think he wants to. Congress passed the HEROES Act way back in May. He spent all his time in his golf course, sand trap, and his bunker, not trying to bring together everybody to get it done.”

27:14 “I’ve dealt with guys like Trump my whole life, so have many of you. Guys who look down on us because they have a lot of money. Guys who inherited everything — got everything in their life given to them and then managed to squander it. Guys who afford paying their taxes because he’s smart, he knows how to game the system. Isn’t that just the guy you want setting tax policy? The guy who said he’s smart to game the system, so you don’t get the help you need. You pay more in taxes because they figure the rest of us, the little people, we can pick up the tab. Now we find out Trump has a secret bank account in China. Well… guess what. He has paid 50 times more in taxes in Beijing than he’s paid in America. That’s a fact. There’s hundreds of millions of dollars in debt — over $400 million. Who does he owe it to? Where’s it coming from? He’s the only guy ever known as president who is making money from foreign sources. Folks give me a break… He thinks Wall Street built this country, but you and I know who really built this country — families like mine, working people, the middle-class. And unions built the middle class.”

29:44 “An independent analysis by Moody’s– the Wall Street firm — looked at my plan and his plan in detail, this is Moody’s, and they said my plan will create 18.6 million jobs in the next four years, that’s 7 million more jobs and $1 trillion more in growth than the president’s plan… and here’s how my plan works. None of you will have your taxes raised. Anyone making less than $400,000 will not see a penny in taxes raised. You’ll actually see your standard of living go up and your cost go down… I’m going to ask big corporations and wealthy individuals to pay their fair share. Right now, of the Fortune 500 companies, there are 91 who don’t pay a single penny in taxes. If they just paid 15%, instead of the 28% that they should, that would raise $400 billion and allow me to send every single qualified person to community college if that’s what they chose for free. And make sure everyone with a family income of less than $25,000 could go to a state university for free.

33:05 “He says reelect me, I’m going to do away with the funding for Social Security, out of your paycheck. Sounds great! Except the actuary for Social Security said that would bankrupt Social Security by 2023.”