• Although 85% of Microsoft’s research is done in the United States, much of the profit from the research is sent to tax-haven countries.3 In 2011, Microsoft US sold the rights of its prized intellectual property to its subsidiaries in Ireland and Singapore. Through this manipulation of tax loopholes the company moved $8 billion in profit overseas, again avoiding U.S. taxes.4



  • Microsoft often complains that the United States corporate income tax rate is overly burdensome, but it paid an effective tax rate of only 13.4% in 2011. 7 Through complex tax avoidance schemes Microsoft lowered its tax bill to well under half the statutory corporate tax rate of 35%, according to Business Insider.


  • Microsoft is part of numerous anti-tax coalitions and trade associations, including Tax Innovation Equality (TIE), the Business Roundtable (BRT), and Fix the Debt (FTD). TIE and the BRT aggressively lobby for lower corporate tax rates and a territorial tax system, and FTD has publicly supported these positions. A territorial tax system would give permanent tax amnesty for U.S. corporate profits earned or booked offshore, incentivizing corporations to send wealth and jobs overseas. If the United States adopts such a system it would create 800,000 jobs overseas, according to one estimate.8



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