Americans for Tax Fairness was established to help make the economy work for all — with adequate levels of investment in critical areas that create and sustain jobs and a balanced and equitable approach to decisions on the federal budget challenges we face. This requires raising sufficient revenues with everyone, including corporations, paying their fair share of taxes. These are the core principles that unite the Americans for Tax Fairness coalition:

  • America needs an economy that grows jobs and works for all. Our nation has urgent needs, including creating sufficient jobs; investing in education and making college affordable; rebuilding our deteriorating infrastructure; shoring up Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for the long term; reducing poverty and protecting the most vulnerable; and addressing long-term fiscal challenges.
  • Everyone must pay their fair share. We need to reform our tax code, so it raises adequate revenues to meet critical needs in a fiscally responsible manner. This requires that wealthy Americans – the richest 2 percent – and corporations pay their fair share of taxes.
  • Put American jobs first by closing corporate tax loopholes. We need to eliminate tax breaks and subsidies that allow some corporations to pay very limited amounts of taxes, or avoid paying taxes altogether, while encouraging multinational corporations to shift profits and jobs offshore. Corporations’ share of federal taxes has declined dramatically over the years; therefore, any corporate tax reform should require the corporate sector to contribute more in federal income-tax revenue than it does now, not less.