2019 Tax the Rich & Surtax Message Survey

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There is little recent polling on the estate tax. This fact sheet summarizes the few recent poll questions that have been asked and then reviews the bigger body of opinion research on taxing the rich in general or specific proposals, such as enacting a wealth tax of 2% on those whose wealth exceeds $50 million […]

Public Perceptions of the Current Tax Law and Taxing the Wealthy

Polling memo from Lake Research, July 3, 2019

2019 Tax Message Survey, April 2019

Polling Memo from ALG research, April 2, 2019 Poll Toplines, March 15-20, 2019  Tax The Rich Poll PowerPoint, March 28, 2019


New Polling Shows Voters Believe Trump-GOP Tax Cuts Skewed to Wealthy & Corporations, Threaten Services Tax returns due April 15 are the first to be filed under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which became law about 16 months ago. Recent polls continue to show that the law is opposed by more Americans than […]

2018 Election Results: Tax Fairness is a Winning Message

Republicans lost the tax messaging war in 2018 because progressives clearly defined the problems with the Trump-GOP tax cuts and were unified on the message. “Republicans lost the messaging battle on the [tax] issue,” according to a Sept. 2018 poll for the Republican National Committee. By 61% to 30% voters said the Trump-GOP tax cuts […]

2018 Tax Messaging

Resources for 2018 tax messaging: 2018 Tax Message Survey Memo, 3/20/2018 2018 Talking Points from Message Survey, 3/20/2018 2018 Tax Message Survey PPT Deck, 3/20/2018 Polling on Trump-GOP Tax Law by Party, 3/20/2018

Post-Election Polling Shows the Public Opposes Tax Cuts for Corporations and the Wealthy

MEMORANDUM FR:       Frank Clemente, Executive Director Americans for Tax Fairness RE:       Post-Election Polling Shows the Public Opposes Tax Cuts for Corporations and the Wealthy DT:       February 7, 2017 Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans are misguided in their efforts to claim a mandate to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations.  […]

Recent Polling on Tax Fairness and Inequality Issues

From Gallup, these numbers probably make the strongest case and they are consistent with the trends in recent years.  (April 6-10, 2016; Q26) As I read off some different groups, please tell me if you think they are paying their FAIR share in federal taxes, paying too MUCH or paying too LITTLE?  Fair Share Too […]

Americans for Tax Fairness Releases Comprehensive Set of Polling Data Illustrating Unpopularity of Conservative Tax Policies

Polls Show that Voters Overwhelmingly Support ‘Tax Fairness’ Agenda WASHINGTON – This week, as the House and Senate majorities release their budgets aimed at cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy at the expense of working Americans,  Americans for Tax Fairness has issued a comprehensive collection of national polling data proving that conservative tax policies run […]

Tax Fairness Coalition Critiques Misleading Poll By The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

Other polls demonstrate that Americans oppose corporate inversions WASHINGTON – Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness, today released the following statement about a recent poll by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that claims to show that Americans oppose action to restrict corporate inversions. The poll is part of a multi-million dollar ad campaign […]

Tax Fairness Coalition Sees Poll Results on Corporate Inversions as a Sign that the Issue Will Be Hot this Election Season

WASHINGTON — Frank Clemente, Executive Director of Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF), released the following statement about a new poll released today on corporate inversions, the practice in which companies dissolve their U.S. corporate status and reincorporate in a low-tax country to avoid paying their fair share in federal taxes. The poll found that about half […]

Tax Fairness Coalition Calls for Closing Tax Loopholes As Part of Budget Deal – A Position Strongly Supported by Voters in Poll

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Dec. 9, 2013 Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF), a coalition of 325 national and state groups, reacted sharply in response to early reports of a budget deal that would take only modest steps to blunt the impact of new sequester cuts and not include closing any tax loopholes used by corporations and the wealthy – measures that are highly popular with the American public. Republican leaders have steadfastly refused to raise additional tax revenues by closing any loopholes during the current budget negotiations.

New Poll Shows Americans Strongly Want to Close Tax Loopholes Benefiting the Rich and Corporations in Next Budget Deal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Nov. 13, 2013 Americans for Tax Fairness today released the results of a new poll on taxes and spending issues that will be central to the next round of the federal budget debate. The poll was conducted by Hart Research Associates.

NATIONAL POLL ON TAX REFORM: Two-Thirds of Voters Believe Top 2%, Corporations Should Pay More Taxes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 7, 2013 NATIONAL POLL ON TAX REFORM: Two-Thirds of Voters Believe Top 2%, Corporations Should Pay More Taxes New polling comes as national coalition announces 18-state field strategy WASHINGTON, D.C. – Americans for Tax Fairness, a national coalition representing more than 250 groups pressing for a fairer tax system, released a national […]