Statement Opposing IRS Funding Repeal in Biden-McCarthy Negotiations

May 26, 2023


May 25, 2023 

Dear Member of Congress: 

Americans for Tax Fairness, a coalition of more than 400 national, state and local organizations  united in support of a fair tax system that works for all Americans, strongly urges you to  OPPOSE any attempt to repeal critical tax enforcement funding through the  Biden/McCarthy budget negotiations.  

As a broad coalition of 88 public interest, human needs, faith, union and civil rights groups  emphasized in a letter last Congress, a weakened and underfunded IRS has profound  implications for economic, social, racial, and gender justice. Starving the IRS of adequate resources results in unfair enforcement and poor service for honest taxpayers while rewarding  wealthy tax cheats. 

We urge you to make clear to White House negotiators that you won’t support efforts to  undermine or claw back the new funding provided to the IRS in the Inflation Reduction  Act last year. Expert analysis from the CBO and former Treasury suggests that IRS funding  could net between $124 billion and $480 billion in deficit reduction

Clawing back any part of these funds would serve as a significant tax cut for wealthy tax cheats,  drive up the deficit and weaken a key achievement for fair taxation of the Biden Administration.  Please see additional facts about IRS funding HERE

Instead, we urge you to reverse the decades of tax cuts for the rich and corporations that are a primary cause of the national debt.  

David Kass
Executive Director

Sarah Christopherson
Legislative & Policy Director