Gov. Cuomo’s Signature on TRUST Act is “Victory for Public’s Right to Know”

July 9, 2019

Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness, released the following statement on New York Gov. Cuomo’s signing of the TRUST ACT, which authorizes state officials to share tax return information of elected officials upon a request from Congressional Committees:

“Today’s action by Gov. Cuomo is a victory for the public’s right to know. We were happy to support this initiative because the TRUST ACT will strengthen the oversight responsibilities of Congress by giving it access to President Trump’s state tax information. Congress and the public deserve to know the truth. We deserve to know if our elected officials, including the President, have financial conflicts that that in any way affects their decisions and policies. We need to know if they have business relationships with foreign nations that are adversely affecting their exercise of official duties. And we need to know if our elected officials, especially real estate developers like President Trump, are paying their fair share of taxes to the government they seek to lead, or using loopholes and unfair tax breaks to escape their obligations.”

For more information see ATF’s report, The Case for Congress Obtaining Trump’s Tax Returns,