Trump-GOP Tax Scam

Americans for Tax Fairness led a coalition of hundreds of partner organizations in our joint efforts to expose the cruelty of the Trump-GOP tax scam. That scam will give most of its benefits to the richest 1% and wealthy corporations. And it will lead to 90 million working families paying more in taxes and to […]

Affordable Care Act and Taxes

Repealing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, will take away health care for 24 million Americans. At the same time, it will give $600 billion in tax breaks to the rich and to insurance and drug companies. That’s a very bad deal for America’s families.   State-by-State Fact Sheets: Coverage Losses & Tax Cuts (Customizable) […]

Paul Ryan’s Tax Plan

House Speaker Paul Ryan says his tax plan is a “Better Way” forward for America, but it’s really just more of the same big tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy. Working Americans will pay the price. Instead of making our tax system fairer, Speaker Ryan’s plan tilts the playing field even more in favor […]

Stop Donald Trump’s Tax Giveaway

Polls show that 2016 voters did not give Donald Trump a mandate to cut taxes for corporations and the rich. They also said they are done with the rigged system in Washington—that means overhauling the tax system, which is rigged to benefit the rich and powerful at the expense of the rest of us. Unfortunately, […]

Tax-Dodging Corporations: Pay What You Owe!

U.S. corporations have $2.6 TRILLION in profits stashed offshore – most of it in tax havens. As long as those profits are offshore, a tax loophole lets corporations dodge paying taxes on them. It’s time for big corporations to pay about $750 BILLION in taxes that they owe America on those profits. Imagine what we can […]

Tax Reform Plans

Americans for Tax Fairness’ recommendations for how to best reform the U.S. tax system.

Corporate Tax Dodgers

There is widespread and growing public opinion among the American public and the small business community that corporate tax loopholes need to be closed so we have the money to invest in a more promising future. This support is seen across the political spectrum.

Tax Havens

U.S. multinational corporations have more than $2 TRILLION in profits stashed offshore – much of it in tax havens. As long as those profits are offshore, a tax loophole lets corporations dodge paying taxes on them.

Estate Tax

The estate tax was created for several reasons – to raise revenue from those with the greatest  ability to pay, and to encourage charitable giving and put a brake on the concentration of  wealth and power. Unfortunately, America is rapidly becoming divided between the extremely rich and everyone else. The top 1% owns 37% of […]

Corporate Inversions

Corporations like Burger King and medical device maker Medtronic are planning to desert America by becoming foreign corporations. They plan to do this by buying a foreign company, and by changing their corporate address on paper to a tax haven country. It will let them avoid paying billions of dollars in U.S. taxes. It’s what’s […]

Tax Extenders = Tax Loopholes

Some of America's biggest corporations and Wall Street banks make billions of dollars in profits every year, and pay a lower tax rate than families and small businesses. This year Congress is debating whether to renew 55 tax breaks -- known as “tax extenders” -- worth up to $700 billion over 10 years, which primarily benefit corporations like General Electric, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

Taxes and Special Interests

Thirty corporations spent $476 million to lobby Congress over three recent years. Their investment paid off: They dodged $68 billion in federal taxes.

Corporations have learned that they can write the rules in their favor by keeping lobbyists on Capitol Hill, and by contributing to the campaigns of politicians. Their lobbying has helped to keep tax loopholes open, pass special corporate tax breaks and discourage Congress from passing real tax reform that asks them to pay their fair share.

Buffett Rule

If the Buffett Rule becomes law, it will ensure that those who make more than $1 million a year (in adjusted gross income) will pay a minimum 30 percent tax rate. It was proposed after billionaire investor Warren Buffett noted that he pays a smaller percentage of his income in taxes than his secretary. Mr. […]

Corporate Taxes

Big corporations are making bigger and bigger profits, but they’re contributing less and less in taxes. That means they are doing less and less to help build roads and bridges, maintain our schools and fund the many other services government provides. Sixty years ago, 30 percent of total federal tax revenue was from corporations. Today […]

Bush Tax Cuts

Americans for Tax Fairness played a major role in fighting to repeal the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans, which were passed in 2001 and 2003 and reduced top individual income tax rates and taxes on dividends and capital gains. Early in 2013, Congress passed legislation that renewed the Bush tax cuts for all […]