March 15, 2017

Mission and Program

Mission and Program: ATF’s primary purpose is to educate and mobilize the public to get policymakers to support comprehensive, progressive tax reform that results in greater federal revenue to reduce inequality and to meet America’s growing needs. If the United States fails to raise sufficient tax revenues, we will face deep cuts to services and benefits that are essential to what makes this country great and be unable to make the investments necessary to create an economy that works for all of us.

  • ATF staffs and provides strategic direction and coordination to a coalition of 425 national and state endorsing organizations. This coalition includes leading unions, think tanks, advocacy organizations, constituency-based groups, field groups, and Netroots organizations at the national and state level. ATF runs a dynamic campaign that includes coalition building, polling and messaging research, national and state communications strategies, field mobilization, and coordination of research and production of policy and public education materials. See ATF Coalition Endorsers.
  • ATF plays the leading role in shaping messaging around progressive tax reform issues. We identify and disseminate a winning message on tax fairness issues to policymakers, coalition partners and the media so that allies are singing from the same songbook. We do this by conducting polls and aggregating information from allies’ polls, and by preparing messaging materials that are adjusted as new issues and developments occur in the tax-reform debate.
  • ATF and its state partners secure about 500 news stories and media mentions a year. We do this through earned media events, releasing ground-breaking reports, drafting and placing original op-eds and letters to the editor, and educating editorial writers and columnists to support our position on tax-reform issues. See ATF’s 2015 media highlights and 2016 media highlights. ATF runs a robust digital communications program using email and social media in collaboration with Netroots groups and other coalition partners.
  • ATF coordinates coalition lobbying efforts in Congress and with the Obama Administration. ATF’s executive director serves as the coalition’s lead legislative strategist and lobbyist. ATF mobilizes grassroots support in states and through email and social media to urge lawmakers to support ATF’s positions.
  • ATF brings together leading think tanks and constituency groups to identify research and policy needs and to prepare public education materials. ATF prepares scores of reports and fact sheets each year used to educate the public, policymakers and the media.