Talking Points: Joe Biden’s Tax-Fairness Mandate

December 16, 2020

Joe Biden has a mandate to pursue a tax-fairness agenda.

  • Joe Biden got more votes than any presidential candidate in American history with tax fairness front and center in his campaign
  • Donald Trump and Republican super PACs spent tens of millions of dollars attacking Biden’s plan to raise taxes on the rich and corporations and yet they failed to turn the election their way. 
  • Joe Biden never backed down. He stayed strong in his commitment to a bold tax plan that will make the rich and corporations begin to pay their fair share of taxes.
  • Two-thirds of voters support Biden’s plan to raise taxes on those making more than $400,000 a year—including 45% of Republicans. Years of polling show that raising taxes on the rich and corporations is extremely popular with Americans of all political stripes. 

Joe Biden’s tax and investment plans are the boldest of any major party presidential nominee in modern American history. 

  • Joe Biden wants to invest about $8 trillion in the American people: To expand and strengthen Social Security; provide working families with affordable healthcare and childcare; ensure all children can attend pre-school; make college affordable and reduce student debt; rebuild our infrastructure and create a clean energy future; and more.
  • Joe Biden’s tax plan will begin the process of making the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share of taxes so we can create an economy that works for all of us. Joe’s tired of billionaires—whose wealth has soared during the pandemic—paying a lower tax rate than teachers because of loopholes created by lobbyists in Washington. Joe’s tired of giant corporations like Amazon not paying a dime in federal income taxes, while families and small businesses struggling to get by pay their fair share. Joe’s tired of corporations outsourcing jobs and shifting profits to offshore havens where they pay no taxes.  
  • To create a stronger America, Joe Biden’s tax plan will repeal those parts of Donald Trump’s $2 trillion tax cut that benefit the rich and corporations. Joe will close loopholes that encourage corporations to outsource jobs and shift profits offshore to dodge taxes. Joe will make millionaires and billionaires pay at least the same tax rate on their profits from selling stock or a business as middle-income workers pay on their wages all year long.  
  • Joe Biden wants to build America back better and stronger than ever. The health care crisis and economic crash caused by the pandemic, and the protests for racial justice across America, all show that our economy is not working for most of us. If the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share, we can support our families, invest in our communities and help our small businesses. 
  • Joe Biden will strengthen Social Security by having the wealthy contribute more to the system, guaranteeing full benefits for years to come. 
  • Joe Biden wants to give Americans of every background, color and belief a fair shot at a better life and the chance to fulfill their dreams.